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Dosage of vitamin e in the treatment of prostatitis

Dosage Of Vitamin E In The Treatment Of Prostatitis

Vitamin E for prostatitis: useful properties and dosage

Prostatitis is an enlargement of the prostate gland, the causes of which are a sedentary lifestyle, complications after infectious diseases, and trauma to the genital tract. Treatment of pathology consists not only in taking medications, but in dietary nutrition and the use of a vitamin-mineral complex, including tocopherol.

Does vitamin E help with inflammation of the prostate?

The use of vitamin complexes plays an important role in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system in men. The main indication for the use of the drug is a violation of the organs of the male genitourinary tract. This drug helps to quickly solve these problems in men, prevent further damage to prostate cells, disease progression.

The main functions in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system:

Useful properties of Vitamin E in the treatment of prostatitis

In addition to the main functions, in the treatment of prostate enlargement, the vitamin has a number of positive properties:

  • It helps to improve the condition of blood vessels, which helps to strengthen the work of the genitourinary organs, increase male fertility.
  • Prevents the formation of blood clots, causing the prevention of congestion in the human body.
  • Able to destroy harmful microorganisms in the prostate gland.
  • Promotes the production of sex hormones.
  • Improves the functioning of the urinary system.
  • Reduces tissue demand for insulin.

Contraindications for use

Like all drugs, tocopherol has a number of contraindications, limiting the circle of people who are allowed to use this substance.

The main contraindication to the use of the drug for prostate enlargement is an allergic reaction to the effects of individual components of the drug. The use of the drug in this situation can lead to a deterioration in the human condition, cause the development of allergic symptoms, anaphylactic shock.

The use is contraindicated in persons who have recently had an acute myocardial infarction, since the action of the drug is aimed at improving the functioning of cell membranes. In myocardial infarction, this substance can adversely affect the functioning of the heart muscle.

With a restriction, it is prescribed for an increased risk of developing thromboembolism and cardiosclerosis. Tocopherol with prolonged use reduces blood clotting, which contributes to a sufficient risk of complications in these pathologies.

Another property that limits the use of the drug is the situation when the patient is forced to take antihistamine drugs, iron-containing drugs, and drugs containing silver. This is due to a decrease in the properties of one of the drugs, a negative effect when combining these drugs.

How to take vitamin E for prostate enlargement?

Tocopherol is available in red capsules in dosages of 100, 200 and 400 mg.

The use of the drug should be prescribed by the attending physician, who indicates the correct and necessary dosage of the drug in each individual case.

In case of violations of the prostate gland, the vitamin complex is prescribed in a daily dose of 100-300 mg. The distribution of dosage during the day is usually 1-2 times 1-2 capsules.

The course of therapy with this drug for prostate enlargement is usually 30-40 days.

For the prevention of pathology, it is enough to take 1 capsule at a dosage of 100 mg per day. To increase the dosage, it is worth consulting with a specialist who will compare all the facts and decide on the need to use an increased dose of the drug.

What foods should be consumed to increase the amount of tocopherol in the body?

In addition to taking medications, it is possible to achieve the optimal level of Vitamin E in tissues and organs through the sufficient consumption of certain foods.

For the optimal amount of nutrients in the body, it is necessary to consume foods such as:

  • Apricots, prunes and other dried fruits.
  • Sea buckthorn and other vegetable oils.
  • Walnuts, peanuts, pistachios.
  • A large amount of vitamin E is found in seafood.
  • Fatty fish.
  • Oatmeal or barley groats

Summing up, we can conclude that vitamin E plays an important role in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary tract. Proper nutrition and the use of prophylactic doses of this remedy will help prevent or get rid of the disease forever.

How does Vitamin E affect prostatitis?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble element, medically referred to as tocopherol.Due to its pronounced antioxidant properties, vitamin E is used to slow down the aging process and treat infertility caused by the lack of ovulation in women. Men need it too. Vitamin E with prostatitis fights the inflammatory process and prevents malignancy of prostate cells (their degeneration into an oncological tumor called prostate adenoma).

Benefits of Vitamin E

Doctors recommend taking vitamin E for prostatitis.

The benefits of tocopherol for the body are invaluable:

  • tocopherol prevents damage to skin cells by free radicals;
  • promotes the removal of "bad" cholesterol and prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels by cholesterol plaques);
  • reduces the risk of developing thrombosis and thrombophlebitis of the veins of the lower extremities;
  • prevents ischemia, heart attack or stroke.

In most cases, Vitamin E for the treatment of prostatitis is prescribed in combination with other vitamins and beneficial trace elements. This is due to their influence on each other. So, Vitamin A is prescribed in addition to vitamin E in order to avoid oxidation of the latter.

Vitamin E is also recommended for prevention of tumor pathologies. An increased dosage of tocopherol helps to minimize cellular stress, prevent oxidation and degenerative changes in the cell membrane, normalize the amount of sugar in the blood and increase insulin synthesis.

Vitamin E quickly eliminates the stagnation of lymph and blood in the pelvis, improves the condition of the walls of blood vessels with prostatitis. Tocopherol deficiency leads to a decrease in fertility (the ability to conceive) in both sexes. If a man’s body lacks vitamin E, spermatogenesis is disturbed: the quantitative and qualitative composition of sperm decreases, the ability of spermatozoa to move forward is reduced.

Why drink vitamin E for prostatitis

Urologists recommend taking vitamin E up to 400 mg per day for prostatitis in order to restore the body's defenses, weakened by inflammation. To normalize the functioning of the prostate gland, additional sources of vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and trace elements are required.

With a lack of vitamin E, prostatitis progresses, the patient's health worsens, and the pathogenic microflora spreads outside the prostate gland, attacking other organs of the male reproductive system. The spread of the inflammatory process can lead to dysfunction of the patient's reproductive system. Restoring the level of vitamin E accelerates recovery from prostatitis and prevents the development of dangerous complications.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble element, so daily consumption of oil (vegetable or butter) is required for its absorption. Immediately after the discovery, tocopherol was used to improve erectile function in men (with potency disorders), as well as when planning conception.

Women take Vitamin E in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent spontaneous miscarriages. The name of the vitamin is translated from Greek as "fertility" or "fertility". But scientists learned about the ability of vitamin E to eliminate inflammation and minimize the risk of malignancy of prostate cells much later. Only after a series of studies did vitamin E begin to be used in the complex treatment of prostatitis.

Vitamin E should be used for prostatitis and other chronic diseases of the genitourinary system in order to restore the body's immune defenses and speed up metabolic processes.

Special vitamin complexes, which include tocopherol, have a systemic effect on the body and have a wide range of applications. Topical vitamin preparations for prostatitis will be prescribed by a doctor. It is important to drink them in courses periodically throughout life, because it is almost impossible to get the necessary dose of vitamin E from food.

Prostatitis is an ailment that drastically reduces the patient's immune defense, therefore, to successfully cure it, additional sources of nutrients are required, the source of which are vitamins and trace elements.

After the completion of prostatitis therapy, vitamin E is drunk periodically in order to prevent the recurrence of inflammation of the prostate gland. Usually prescribed multivitamin complexes for men, which include tocopherol.

Also, vitamin E is indicated for patients with endocrine diseases, suffering from hormonal imbalances, as well as for those who are engaged in hard physical work or are undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence. With prostatitis, taking tocopherol allows you to activate blood flow in the prostate and speed up the process of repairing damaged tissues. Strengthening the walls of capillaries and veins and reducing blood viscosity allows you to cope with the main cause of prostatitis - congestion in the pelvis.

Foods high in vitamin E

Sunflower oil, beans, soybeans, green peas, peanuts, nuts and corn are rich in vitamin E. This vitamin is heat-resistant, but is quickly destroyed when exposed to direct sunlight.

How to take Tocopherol for prostatitis

Tocopherol in the treatment of prostatitis is prescribed in tablet form and taken orally. The exact dosage of vitamin E for prostatitis is calculated by the attending urologist. Usually, knocks are prescribed for 2-4 capsules of 100 milligrams each. Tocopherol is also produced in capsules of 200 and 400 milligrams. In this case, 1-2 tablets per day are enough. It is not worth exceeding the recommended amount of vitamin E in the treatment of prostatitis. This can cause indigestion and the appearance of histamine (allergic) reactions.

Prostatitis is a systemic disease, which cannot be eliminated with the help of vitamins alone. It is required to consult a doctor and undergo a course of drug treatment, physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Self-medication can cause the progression of the disease and the development of dangerous complications.

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Vitamin E dosage for prostatitis

The use of vitamin E in the correct dosages for prostatitis is due to the fact that the body, weakened by inflammatory processes, needs additional strength. He can find them only if he functions normally, and for this he needs vitamins, trace elements, various acids and other substances. With their deficiency, the patient's condition deteriorates sharply, pathogenic microorganisms can spread faster to neighboring organs, and some functions are completely lost. If the vitamin complex is fully replenished, you can not be afraid of the appearance of symptoms of the disease, e complications.

Vitamins help the body cope with pathology faster, enhance its protective functions, and improve metabolic processes. Each of them has a huge number of positive actions that will be useful in the treatment of prostatitis. The doctor will tell you which substances you need to take, but it is worth taking the complexes throughout your life, because. Almost no one gets the required amount from food.

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The benefits of vitamin E - tocopherol

Any disease severely undermines the immune system and requires additional body resources to get rid of it. He can take them only from vitamins, minerals and other substances. In our article, we will talk about vitamins for prostatitis - an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland, their beneficial effects, as well as the need and work of vitamin E specifically in this pathology. If a man thinks that it is not necessary to take them, he can read reviews of the treatment of the disease with and without them and compare the speed of recovery.

Vitamins can be taken not only to heal, but also to prevent inflammation of the prostate. Vitamin E will be especially useful in this case.

Tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin. During its discovery, it was used only to restore erectile and reproductive functions, and was prescribed to pregnant women. Its very name translates as "bring offspring." The ability of the element to prevent the development of cancer cells or reduce inflammatory processes was learned much later. But it was thanks to this knowledge that it became possible to use it in the treatment of prostatitis.

What are the benefits of tocopherol? Because it is a natural antioxidant, it is worth noting its ability to remove free radicals from the body and protect against heavy metals, toxic substances. With the presence of antioxidant action in humans, the likelihood of developing oncology, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system, is reduced. In addition to this property, vitamin E has others:

  • Improve metabolism. Because it is involved in the metabolism of both fats, and proteins and carbohydrates
  • Immunostimulatory effect. Protects leukocytes from the negative effects and participates in their synthesis, prevents the development of stress
  • Improve blood circulation. Tocopherol has a positive effect on peripheral circulation, normalizes blood clotting, lowers blood pressure, strengthens even the smallest capillaries
  • Increase in the activity of the genitourinary function. Contributes to the normal development of spermatozoa, the synthesis of sex hormones, helps the functioning of the pelvic organs
  • Slowing down the aging process. It destroys free radicals that lead to the appearance of wrinkles, degeneration of the skin and blood vessels. Helps maintain protein structures responsible for memory

A representative of the stronger sex can prescribe this substance in case of hormonal imbalances, the need to perform strong physical exertion, and getting rid of alcoholism.Vitamin for prostatitis in men is prescribed in order to restore blood circulation to the prostate gland and speedy tissue regeneration. Also, the walls of blood vessels become stronger, and the blood thins. This helps to cope with one of the most common causes of prostatitis - stagnation of blood and lymph.

Most of the vitamin is found in green peas, soybeans, corn, soybean and olive oil, peanuts, walnuts. Tocopherol is quite resistant to various heat treatments, but can easily be destroyed in the light.

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Medicine dosage for prostatitis

Vitamin E for prostatitis is taken in the form of capsules orally. The acceptable dosage is 2-4 capsules of 100 mg daily. There are also capsules in which there are 200 and 400 mg of the substance, for them the dose is 1-2 and 1 pc. respectively. You should not take more than the indicated amount, because. this can lead to nausea, diarrhea, allergic reactions.

In the elimination of inflammation of the prostate, other drugs are also used. The doctor may prescribe a combination of Curantyl 25 with vitamin E for prostatitis, this will reduce the likelihood of thrombosis and prevent heart disease. The interaction of tocopherol with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticosteroids, antiepileptic drugs is also used, because. it enhances their action. In a similar way, it affects anticoagulants. It is not recommended to take vitamin complexes at the same time to avoid overdoses.

Other vitamins for prostatitis

Other vitamins from prostatitis for potency will also be useful for the patient, because they can strengthen the immune system, relieve inflammation or improve the secretory function of the prostate. We list those substances that are assigned in the first place.

One of the best vitamins for prostatitis is retinol. This fat-soluble substance is simply invaluable for men's health, because. participates in oxidative and healing processes and affects the state of cell membranes. Vitamin A is considered a strong antioxidant that can relieve or prevent the development of cancer. With him, the representative of the stronger sex can not be afraid that prostatitis will turn into prostate adenoma.

Retinol is necessary for tissue repair, slowing down the aging process. It has a positive effect on the reproductive system of men, increases the synthesis of sex hormones. This is very important for prostatitis, because. the prostate gland controls these phenomena, and with inflammation it can no longer cope with these tasks. With a sufficient amount of the element, it is easier for the body to fight pathogenic microorganisms if the disease was caused by them.

The daily norm of retinol is considered to be about 900 mcg, it is best absorbed with fatty foods, but up to 40% of the vitamin can be lost during cooking. Most of all it is found in carrots and pumpkins, eggs, fish oil, parsley and spinach, cheese.

B vitamins

This includes several substances useful for prostatitis at once - thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and pyridoxine (B6). The rest are also necessary for the normal functioning of the body, then we will only talk about these three substances. Thiamine is an amino acid necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system (breaks down acids that interfere with it) and the process of hematopoiesis. The beneficial properties of vitamin B1 also include:

Riboflavin is necessary for metabolic processes, plays an important role in maintaining the health of a man. With it, the absorption of oxygen by cells is facilitated, the skin is in order, the activity of the nervous system is normalized. With prostatitis, such qualities as restoring the body's strength and increasing the production of enzymes that cope with inflammation are important.

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El-Macho is a highly effective multi-complex thanks to its active ingredients. His research showed no side effects and a high absorption rate, resulting in an immediate effect.

El Macho drops contain guarana extract, L-arginine, glycine and magnesium substances to relieve tension, improve blood circulation in the pelvis, increase blood flow to the penis. The drug is suitable for patients of all ages.

Vitamin B2 is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, speeds up metabolism, improves vision.You can find it in meat and dairy products, mushrooms, nuts, greens. Pyridoxine is necessary for prostatitis, because. also improves the production of enzymes that fight inflammation. It strengthens the immune system, helps recovery processes, improves the composition of prostatic juice. Its other useful properties are:

  • Reducing blood cholesterol
  • Diuretic effect
  • Liver support
  • Increased production of serotonin - the "happiness" hormone
  • Fat burning action

The daily requirement of vitamin B6 for an adult is about 2.5 mg. Its sources can be yeast and liver, potatoes, bananas, etc.

Ascorbic acid is a powerful immunomodulator that can help if prostatitis is of an infectious nature. But it will also be useful for other causes of the disease, because the vitamin protects cells from other types of damage. This substance can be attributed to vitamins for the prevention of prostatitis due to its ability to improve the body's immune response and accelerate it. With a negative influence from the outside, ascorbic acid is the first defender of health.

Vitamin C also helps in the production of hormones, reduces the manifestations of stress, and is the prevention of cancer. With it, metabolic processes in the prostate gland and blood circulation are improved. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, free radicals are neutralized and blood vessels are cleansed.

Why does the body need calciferol? This fat-soluble compound is important for the musculoskeletal system, helps maintain the concentration of calcium and phosphorus, and enhances their absorption in the intestines. Also with this substance:

Vitamin D has a certain effect on adipose and muscle tissue, reducing the amount of the first and increasing the amount of the second. With a deficiency of calciferol, insomnia and loss of appetite are observed. You can find the element in the liver of fish, their caviar, vegetable oil, fatty meats.

Minerals for healing the body

In addition to vitamins in chronic prostatitis, the patient also needs to make up for the lack of minerals. First of all, it is required to fill the deficiency of zinc and selenium. These trace elements are important components of testosterone, and are also involved in many processes of the reproductive system. Zinc normalizes spermatogenesis and the production of prostatic juice, affects potency, improves mood and prevents the development of malignant neoplasms. To make up for the lack of a substance, you can eat foods that are high in its content, or purchase drugs with it.

Make it a rule, every day in the morning, start first.

These products include Zincteral, Zinc Chelate, Selzinc. To get more positive effects, it is better to buy multivitamin complexes with minerals. It is worth remembering that malnutrition, thyroid disorders, smoking and drinking alcohol significantly reduce its amount.

Selenium helps to cleanse the body of toxins, fight inflammation, and control testosterone production. It also stimulates the synthesis of antibodies that protect tissues from germs and bacteria. Quite a lot of selenium is found in semen, so men with a regular sex life need to constantly replenish its level.

Magnesium for prostatitis helps to strengthen the immune system, eliminate inflammation and improve the composition of the secret produced by the prostate gland.

Speak to your doctor and take a few tests to determine what other substances are deficient in your body. You can replenish them by taking vitamin and mineral complexes, but it is best to get them from natural food. With prostatitis, one should not forget to constantly take conventional medicines, go to physiotherapy, and exercise therapy. If you find symptoms of an illness, consult a doctor immediately, and do not start self-medication.

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