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Piracetam for sale is a neuroprotective agent, improves cognitive function. It has effects on the central nervous system in various ways: change the speed of propagation of excitation in the brain, improves metabolic conditions for neuronal plasticity. It improves the microcirculation by acting on the rheological properties of blood and causes vasodilatory action. It inhibits increased aggregation of activated platelets and restores elasticity of the erythrocyte membrane, as well as the ability of the latter to the passage through the microcirculation.

Buying piracetam in patients with cognitive impairment causes changes in the EEG, reflecting an increase of functional activity (increase in α and β activity, decreased activity of δ). Piracetam helps to restore cognitive disorders after cerebral functions as a result of hypoxia, intoxication or injury. It reduces the severity and duration of vestibular nystagmus. Piracetam for sale used in the treatment of cortical myoclonus as monoterapiiili in combination with means.

After oral piracetam 800mg rapidly and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The bioavailability is approximately 95%. After receiving a single dose of 2000 mg of the drug in the maximum concentration (Cmax) constituting 40-60 ug / ml reached after 0.5-1 hours and the plasma after 5 hours in the cerebrospinal fluid.

The apparent volume of distribution (Vd) is about 0.6 L / kg. Sold through the blood-brain and the placental barrier, as well as through the membranes used in hemodialysis. In animal studies revealed that Piracetam for sale selectively accumulates in the brain cortex tissues, mainly in the frontal, parietal, and occipital lobes, cerebellar and basal ganglia.

The half-life (T1 / 2) was 4-5 hours of blood plasma and 8.5 parts of cerebrospinal fluid. After 30 hours, 80-100% piracetam derived kidneys unchanged by renal filtration. Renal clearance when you buy piracetam in healthy volunteers is 86 mL / min. T1 / 2 is prolonged in patients with renal insufficiency. The pharmacokinetics of piracetam 800mg is not changed in patients with hepatic insufficiency.

Piracetam for sale is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of memory disorders or intellectual disturbances in the absence of a diagnosis of dementia (symptomatic treatment of chronic psycho-organic syndrome). Piracetam capsules can reduce the appearance. To determine the effect of piracetam for sale in a patient with cortical myoclonia conducting a trial of treatment is necessary.

Dosing and Administration

In the treatment of chronic conditions Piracetam 800mg capsules administered orally (to food), drinking plenty of water (100-200 mL), starting at 1200mg (400 mg 3 times daily), and adjusted the dose to 2400mg, sometimes up to 3200mg and more day. The therapeutic effect in these cases, there is usually 2-3 weeks after starting treatment. Subsequently the dose was reduced to 1200-1600 mg (400 mg 3-4 times a day). By purchasing Piracetam capsule treatment course lasts from 2-3 weeks to 2-6 months. If necessary, it is repeated in 6-8 weeks.

When cortical myoclonus are treated with 800 mg / day. If necessary, every 3-4 days, increase the dose to 4,800 mg / day to a maximum dose of 24,000 mg / day in 2-3 divided doses. In the treatment of cortical myoclonus it is recommended to buy other drugs with a high content of piracetam.

The daily dose of 800 mg for sale Pyracetam administered daily for 3 days. In the case of low response or lack of response on the third day of treatment, the appointment of piracetam is extended to 7 days. In the case of low response or lack of response on the seventh day of therapy, treatment should be discontinued. If 24,000 mg daily dose was effective, dose begin to decrease by 800 mg every 2 days until myoclonus. This scheme allows you to buy the average therapeutic dose of piracetam.

When you buy a dose of piracetam change doses antimioklonicheskih other means is not carried out. In case of a positive effect from taking piracetam is advisable to consider the possibility of reducing doses antimioklonicheskih funds. In the treatment of cortical myoclonus treatment continued throughout the period of the disease. Every 6 months should attempt to reduce the dose or cancel piracetam for sale, gradually reducing the dose of 1200 mg every 2 days in order to prevent an attack.

Precautionary measures

It is recommended constant monitoring of indicators of kidney function (especially in patients with chronic renal insufficiency) - residual nitrogen and creatinine, and in patients who have purchased piracetam - functional state of the liver. When treating patients with cortical myoclonia avoid abrupt discontinuation (risk of renewed attacks).

In case of sleep disorders is recommended to cancel the evening reception by buying this dose of piracetam to the daily reception. Due to the effect of piracetam on platelet aggregation, caution should be exercised when buying piracetam in patients with bleeding risk factors, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, previous intracerebral hemorrhage, a recent surgery (including dental), taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet agents, in including low-dose aspirin.

Interaction with other drugs

The ability to purchase exposed piracetam pharmacokinetics of other drugs is low, since 90% of Piracetam is excreted unchanged in the urine.

Buy Piracetam 800mg / day increases the effectiveness of indirect anticoagulants (it noted a more pronounced decrease in platelet aggregation, the concentration of fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, whole blood and plasma viscosity).

Receiving piracetam for sale at a dose of 20 g / day for 4 weeks did not alter the maximum concentration in serum and area under the curve "concentration - time" antiepileptic drugs (carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, valproate) in epilepsy patients receiving piracetam in stable dose. The joint purchase of alcohol had no effect on piracetam serum concentration and ethanol concentration in serum did not change when receiving 1.6 g piracetam.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature no higher than 25 0C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

2 years. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package


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