Healthy Man: Sildalis (Sildalist)

Sildalist (Sildalis) is a new drug for persistent erection.


All men, without exception, sooner or later have some problems with erection, no matter how sad it is to realize this, but this day will come. In some men, erectile dysfunction can occur after 30 years, and in some after 60 years. And there are many reasons for this, ranging from genetic predisposition, ending with improper nutrition and an immobile lifestyle and, as a result, all kinds of diseases. And then we begin to think about how we can fix this situation and be in the right shape again.

No one wants to feel completely impotent, so we have to somehow get out of it when necessary. Fortunately for us, a lot of drugs for the elimination of erectile dysfunction are now being sold on the pharmaceutical market. The top of these drugs are headed by such well-known brands as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many other means for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Today I want to tell you about such a unique drug as Sildalist. What is its uniqueness, you may ask, is that it has gathered all the qualities of such powerful components as Tadalafil Sildenafil. Yes, you heard right, this drug can be called a combination drug to eliminate erection problems. A mixture of generic Viagra + Cialis has a stunning effect that you will undoubtedly appreciate. This is a completely new drug that is gaining popularity, a powerful dosage of 120mg will provide a stable, long erection.

What is more effective and better than Cialis or Viagra, for Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men who are faced with this problem for the first time do not know which of the drugs to choose. Everything is individual, each of these drugs has its pros and cons. Viagra gives a powerful erection, but some side effects may appear, such as redness of the eyes, blood pressure. Which can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable and bring inconvenience. Cialis has milder side effects, longer action, but it seems to me less strong erection. But this does not prevent you from enjoying sexual intercourse in any way. Sildalis took only the best qualities from these drugs, so it seems to me that it is the most effective. Therefore, to the question of which is more effective and better than Cialis or Viagra, I will answer Sildalist, since he leveled the weaknesses of both drugs.

How long will the drug last?

The Sildalis package says that the effect of the drug will be observed for up to 36 hours. Many uninitiated people may think that an erection will arise by itself and it will be possible to get into an unpleasant situation. This is not so, do not worry about it, an erection will occur only with direct stimulation.

What should I do if the effect of the drug has not occurred?

Perhaps the time has not come yet, the manufacturer indicates that the effect of the drug should occur within 20 minutes after ingestion. It is also possible that the dosage of the drug is incorrectly selected. Although with such a composition of the drug Sildalist, which consists of 100 milligrams of Sildenafil and 20 milligrams of Tadalafil, it is difficult to imagine that this is possible.

What side effects can occur when using Sildalis?

If we talk about side effects when taking this drug, it should be noted that they are characteristic of components such as Sildenafil and Tadalafil. The most common of them are an increase in blood pressure, redness of the face and a change in the color rendering of vision. These side effects occur in every 3 men. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking the drug. If you have hypertension, then you need to take the drug especially carefully.

What dosage of Sildalist should I choose?

The manufacturer did not provide us with any options, the standard tablet contains 120 mg of the active substance. Of which 100 milligrams is Sildenafil and 20mg Tadalafil. These are very large doses in my opinion. And if I started taking Sildalis, I would probably start with half a pill. And after analyzing the result, only then would I take a whole 120mg tablet. Well, this is just my personal opinion, you can take it as it will be more convenient for you.

Where to buy Sildalist, what to pay attention to?

In order to buy Sildalis, it is not necessary to get up from the sofa and go to the pharmacy. Many people buy medicines online without leaving home, you will agree that it is more convenient than blushing at the checkout when buying a package of an erection drug. Therefore, the best option to buy Sildalist is to buy it online. In addition, you can order the drug with home delivery. Moreover, some online pharmacies, when buying for more than $ 200, make AirMail delivery free, and when buying for $ 300, free Express Mail Service (EMS) delivery will be available to you.

The average delivery time (may vary) for AirMail delivery is 2-3 weeks, online tracking of the shipment is not available. When choosing Express Mail Service (EMS) delivery, you will receive your desired parcel much faster within 3-8 days, with this method you will be able to track the parcel online. The United States Postal Service is also available. Also, the advantage of buying online is that when ordering Sildalis, you do not need a prescription. Many online pharmacies issue a prescription for Sildalist online, after passing a questionnaire by a therapist. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the fact that at the moment you do not have a prescription for the purchase of the drug.

Sildalis is available in different packages according to 10, 20, 90, 120, 180, 270, 360 pills. When buying a large package of the drug, you have the greatest savings, and accordingly, buying a small package, you get the highest price per tablet. The most popular are packages of 60 and 90 tablets.

What is the best packaging volume to choose?

Personally, I take a large package, and that's why. Well, firstly, I save quite a lot on this, and one package is enough for me for several years, and secondly, it is always at hand and there is no fear that it may end at the most inappropriate moment. The shelf life of Sildalist is 3 years, it takes me an average of 10 tablets per month, that is, I use about 120 tablets per year. Such not tricky calculations can be calculated which package to buy. Well, I take 2 years to get the cheap cost of the pill. I want to note that I do this only when the drug has been tested by me. If you use it for the first time, then you probably shouldn't take such a volume right away. It is better to take a smaller package and test its effect on yourself.

As for the prices for Sildalis, and where it is cheaper to buy it, they are about the same everywhere, on average $ 1.3 to $3.9 per tablet, depending on the volume of the package you choose. In Australia (AU) Sildalist can be bought from $2 per capsule, but in the UK (UK) the price is 15% less and starts at $0.9. These are approximate prices, as you can see that in the USA Sildalis costs about $1.3 per tablet. It is not recommended to buy the drug cheaper because you can buy a non-quality product. You can buy the most inexpensive Sildalist at a price of $0.9. Payment in online stores is almost the same everywhere, these are Mastercard and Visa cards, some pharmacies accept payment in bitcoins.

What reviews does Sildalist have?

After analyzing the reviews about the drug Sildalis, you can understand that this is an effective, active drug that performs its function. Which gives a stable erection, has good qualities, and small side effects compared to other drugs. Based on all of the above, we can conclude that Sildalist is a worthy erection drug that will not let you down and your expectations.


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