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How does hemorrhoids affect potency and erection in men?

How Does Hemorrhoids Affect Potency And Erection In Men

Erection depends not only on many direct factors, but also on some concomitant pathologies. Everyone should know whether hemorrhoids affect potency in men, because this disease has grown younger in recent years.

Causes of occurrence

New technologies and modern sedentary lifestyles often negatively affect the health of the rectum and prostate gland in men.

Typical factors that increase the chance of hemorrhoids:

  • "Sedentary" work and rest. Spending a lot of time at the computer or on the couch near the TV, men themselves expose themselves to microcirculation disorders in the anus. As a result, an increase in hemorrhoids.
  • Lifting too heavy weights. Exercise is a good way to prevent most diseases. However, working with too large weights can cause hemorrhoids to form.
  • Improper diet and frequent constipation.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Mechanical trauma to the anus.

Does hemorrhoids affect potency in men and how?

From the point of view of pathophysiology, inflammation and physical damage to hemorrhoids does not affect the performance of erectile function. Despite the close localization of organs, the rectum has practically no effect on the testes and penis. But there are a few BUTs here!

At the initial stages of the disease, when the symptoms have not yet developed, the problem remains almost unnoticed. This is often the reason for a late visit to the doctor and leads to a neglected state of the pathological focus. For some reason, many patients find it easier to endure symptoms to the last, and already in the midst of an illness, consult a doctor.

With an exacerbation of inflammation, the following unpleasant sensations begin to disturb a man:

When the disease progresses, the patient begins to get hung up on it. Depression often develops. Desire and craving for the opposite sex disappear by itself. Here we can already talk about the negative effect of hemorrhoids on the potency of a man. Moreover, the ailment can also cause the development of another pathology of prostatitis, no less formidable for the stronger sex, which directly affects the erection (of course, not for the better).

Psychological and physiological aspects

The first problem that catches men by surprise is the mass of unpleasant sensations during physical activity. Sex is such and requires tension of the pelvic muscles to perform rhythmic movements.

In the presence of inflamed nodes, each friction causes pain. What pleasure can we talk about when intercourse develops into a real test for a man.

Against this background, a number of aggravating, but already psychological factors immediately arise:

  • Decreased potency.
  • Premature ejaculation or lack thereof.
  • Feels weak orgasm.

A man gradually loses confidence in bed. It is easier for him to avoid sex than to endure pain and humiliation. In such cases, hemorrhoids affect potency in an extremely negative way, mainly acting as a psychological cause of impotence.

Do not forget about the possibility of the organic influence of hemorrhoids on the quality of sexual life. Prostatitis is one of the diseases that leads to a narrowing of the ducts that supply semen to the outside. With its active progression, erection often decreases, sperm quality deteriorates, impotence sets in.

One of the causes of prostate inflammation is the migration of the inflammatory process from damaged hemorrhoids to the male prostate gland. As a result, it can be argued that in this case, hemorrhoids have become an organic factor that reduces potency.

Hemorrhoids and erections: what to do?

The best way to prevent the negative impact of hemorrhoids on the quality of sexual activity is timely treatment and subsequent prevention.

Do not postpone the trip to the proctologist. If you experience the slightest symptoms of the disease, you should immediately make an appointment with the doctor. In the early stages, hemorrhoids are easy enough to overcome.