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How to fix a crooked penis for a man, should it be done at all

How To Fix A Crooked Penis For A Man Should It Be Done At All

The shape and size of the male genital organ worries both boys and girls. A crooked penis becomes a problem only if it causes noticeable discomfort during intercourse or urination; a slight bend is considered a variant of the norm. In mild cases, special ointments, hormones and massage help to straighten the penis, serious curvature is eliminated promptly.

A guy or a man has a curvature of the penis - normal or abnormal

For most guys, the genitals are not perfectly even, since complete symmetry is not typical of the body. 1 Curvature is the norm if the bending angle is small, does not cause pain or discomfort during urination and erection, does not cause discomfort for a man or his partner during intercourse.

Or, when the curvature is less visually, but erectile function is impaired, pain is felt during arousal.

Most Popular Myths

Since guys / men develop an inferiority complex due to the shape of the penis, and they are embarrassed to contact doctors, the answer to the question: "Why the crooked penis became like this and how to fix it" is often searched on the Internet.

Discussing the problem with people, for example, on the forums, generates myths:


Constant masturbation with one hand can really affect the curvature of the penis, especially at the time of puberty. Since the constant tension of the tunica albuginea can affect the angle of growth or straightening of the penis.

Peyronie's disease occurs in young men quite rarely - in 0.5-10% of cases, more often the deviation is associated with some factors:

  • congenital anatomical feature (disproportionate development of the tunica albuginea of the penis);
  • shortened urethra;
  • trauma (eg, penile fracture), especially (but not limited to) during penis growth;
  • repeated local injections, for example, Papaverine, Caverjekt (due to trauma to the tunica albuginea);
  • age after 50-65 years.

For girls, the presence of deformation is critical only in the case of a strong bend. A slight curvature, on the other hand, can add brightness to sex, as the partner will feel that the penis is thicker. By the way, many porn actors have a penis that is not straight, this does not interfere with their successful career.

In most cases, treatment is not required or it is sufficient to perform special exercises. Surgery is an extreme measure, necessary only in case of real curvature (more than 30%), discomfort for one of the partners (or both), and also when the deviation caused erectile dysfunction.

What it looks like in the photo: an example with 30% upward curvature of the penis


Curvature is different, there are several criteria that determine whether the curvature is pathological.

The most important is the bend angle - the degree of curvature. Everything is simple here. In the urological environment, there is only one number - 30 degrees. 3 It is believed that curvature up to 30 degrees does not cause sexual problems and does not complicate intercourse. More than 30 - definitely leads to erectile dysfunction. Powerlessness can be observed with smaller deviations (18, 25 degrees). For example, with the active stage of Peyronie's disease, which proceeds with pain.

To understand the severity of the curvature of the penis is easier if you compare it and the curved penis in the photo (located above). It is important to remember that curvature is more noticeable on long limbs than on short ones.

In order to objectively assess the curvature of the penis, you need to take 2 photos of the penis against the background of a white A4 sheet, divided by a bright marker into 4 equal parts. Photo fixation is done in the position from above and from the side. The photo should be printed. Further, the deflection angle is measured by eye or by a conveyor. If a man cannot do this on his own at home, then the degree of curvature is assessed in the clinic.

To cause an artificial erection, Caverject is injected into the thickness of the penis. Once an erection is achieved, the same steps are followed.

There are three directions of bending:

  • up;
  • sideways - right or left;
  • down.

A slight sideways twist is the most common. The root or body of the penis often becomes the "point of deviation", sometimes the bend occurs in several places. If the head is curved and not the shaft of the penis, the curvature occurs "clockwise" or "counterclockwise" from the main axis of the organ.

How girls feel about sex with a crooked penis

The reaction of a woman to the shape of the penis is difficult to predict, however, ladies are usually calmer than men, they relate to a slight curvature, and with the proper skill of a partner, they may not notice anything at all. Moreover, moderate deviation can be a huge benefit, as the penis will better stimulate the erogenous zones of the partner.It all depends on the individual characteristics and anatomy of a man and a woman.

When choosing a position, it is recommended to adhere to a simple rule: the head should be directed towards the front wall of the vagina (towards the partner's belly). If the penis is bent upwards, the face-to-face position will be successful, downwards - it is better for the man to stay behind the girl's back. Turning the genital organ to the right or left is a reason to put the lady on her side, and the guy to stay on his knees, perpendicular to her body.

Interestingly, many women, having tried sex with a crooked penis, find flat "devices" less attractive. Discomfort is caused only by a strong curvature or inept actions of a man.

With a noticeable bend angle, contact can be unpleasant or even painful for both. If the act is still possible (erection is persistent and stable), great care should be taken to avoid sudden movements.

How to straighten a curve member: real ways for everyone

When a guy has an asymmetry of the genital organ, the reaction to this often becomes uncertainty, shyness, fear of sexual contacts. What should a man do if a crooked penis makes an intimate life impossible or gives rise to complexes, is it possible to fix it.

A slight curvature can be corrected using special procedures and devices. It takes patience and perseverance to get things done, and the process can take several months. Serious pathologies are corrected surgically, if the doctor is competent, there will be no complications, recovery will take 40-60 days.

In any case, it is important to first get a full-time consultation with a specialist. Self-medication is unacceptable, you should not risk your health.

No operation

Conservative methods of straightening the penis are indicated with slight deformity and no pain.

For a stable result, the procedure should be repeated daily for 3-4 months. It is important to be careful, pain is an indicator of improper technique.


Drugs for congenital curvature will not help, only surgery.

Medicines for Peyronie's disease are effective only up to 1 year after the onset of the deviation, when a hard plaque has not yet formed, that is, calcification has not occurred.

The clinical guidelines for the treatment of Peyronie are only noted (for obvious reasons, their use should be under the strict supervision of a urologist, self-medication is unacceptable):

  • tadalafil 5 mg for long-term use to maintain erectile function, reduce pain, inhibit plaque growth. There are contraindications
  • interferon alfa-2b - shell injections, several courses of therapy. Efficiency up to 40-60% (various data). Reducing deviation and soreness
  • Xiaflex Clostridial Collagenase. Plaque injection. For a course of up to 8 injections. Efficiency up to 75-80%

Everything else: tablets - vitamin E, potassium para-aminobenzoate, colchicine, ointments - are considered ineffective, therefore they are not recommended for prescribing to patients.

In Peyronie's disease, several methods are used, but the operation is indicated only in the chronic stage, when more than 1 year has passed since the appearance of the shell, and it itself has become rigid and the curvature is more than 30 C.


Surgical treatment is indicated in a number of cases:

  • the angle of curvature is greater than 30 degrees;
  • pain when erecting, urinating, or during sex;
  • large fibrous plaque;
  • shortened urethra;
  • the patient's psychological rejection of the penis.

Depending on the cause of the pathology, the specialist resorts to one of the methods:

If the curvature is caused by a concomitant pathology, in particular an abnormality in the development of the urethra, then the operation can become multi-stage, but first it will be necessary to restore the length of the urethra and its normal location.

Before the operation, the urologist prescribes a series of tests to identify contraindications to surgery or anesthesia.

Should a man do it

Whether to straighten the penis, everyone decides for himself. If a man does not have complexes about curvature, there are no unpleasant sensations, even psychologically everything suits him, you can not take any action or limit yourself to using an extender and practice jelqing. If you suspect Peyronie's disease, you should feel the erect organ for the presence of seals and, if there are any, or even the slightest suspicion of this, consult a urologist.

When the deformation begins to manifest itself in adolescents, on the contrary, it is advisable to begin straightening as soon as possible: the young body responds well to correction, and if inactive, the hormonal surge can aggravate the situation. 4 You should not postpone the operation and in case of impossibility of intercourse, painful urination.It is better to correct the defect at a young age; in older men, recovery will be more difficult and longer, with inevitable negative consequences.


Correction of penile deformity is a long, often unpleasant process. To avoid it, it is recommended to take preventive measures: correction and treatment of arterial hypertension, diabetes; avoiding injury to the penis. There is no prevention of congenital warping.

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