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Does vitamin e help for potency

Does Vitamin E Help For Potency

How is vitamin E useful for men? What is needed, dosage

The modern rhythm of life rarely allows a busy person to seek medical help in a timely manner for certain ailments. Almost all unpleasant symptoms are attributed to fatigue and simply stop them with painkillers. In fact, such a decision is absolutely wrong, because even seemingly harmless sensations of discomfort can hide problems that, if ignored for a long time, can develop serious malfunctions in the body. So, among the male part of the population, the usual lack of Vitamin E is often hidden behind the symptoms of fatigue and malaise. For men, this compound is very significant, since it largely controls the state of the reproductive function.

Causes of hypovitaminosis

The lack of certain components for the body is most often manifested due to an unbalanced diet. This, again, is influenced by the rhythm of life of the majority of the population. In addition, the male body, with regular heavy physical exertion, requires a large amount of tocopherol, which is very rarely provided only with food. In order for a man’s health to be always normal, you should start taking vitamin complexes in a timely manner.

Properties of tocopherol

To understand how vitamin E is useful for men, you need to understand its general characteristics. So, this connection:

  • helps normalize blood circulation;
  • prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques;
  • speeds up cell renewal process;
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • has a rejuvenating effect on the body.

Based on this, we can understand that the benefits of vitamin E for men are simply invaluable. It supports the efficiency of the whole organism, preventing its premature aging, strengthening the walls of cell membranes. It is also very important that tocopherol is found in high concentrations in the cells of the prostate gland, so reproductive function largely depends on it. This compound contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels in the male population, protects against the negative effects of testosterone cells, improves sperm quality and has a general antioxidant effect. From this, it is necessary to highlight the main reasons that require regular monitoring of the vitamin in the body.

How is vitamin E useful for men?

Based on the foregoing, the importance of tocopherol for the stronger sex is manifested:

How is vitamin E useful for men yet? Of course, by the fact that it takes part in the synthesis of an equally important element - vitamin A. The lack of this compound also leads to lethargy, anemia and the appearance of dysfunctions of various important body systems.

Dose to take

The minimum dose of vitamin E for men per day is 10 mg. It is this amount of tocopherol that should be taken to maintain the normalization of the body to a healthy person. If a lack of a compound is detected, the doctor prescribes a therapeutic dosage individually for each patient. The amount of the necessary element in this case should be no more than 300-400 mg per day. Most often, vitamin E is prescribed for men in capsules, but preparations may contain the desired substance in the form of injections.

In order to correctly determine the required amount of tocopherol for a patient, doctors calculate the dosage according to the following formula: for each kilogram of weight, 0.3 mg of the substance. Based on this, it can be easily determined that for a man weighing 85 kg, you will need to take 25.5 mg daily, and so on. Taking a larger dose of a vitamin can provoke hypervitaminosis in the body, which will also negatively affect the state of health, but not necessarily immediately. The fact is that tocopherol can accumulate in the body and even with a slight excess of the dose for a long time it can show certain symptoms.

Acceptance rules

Compliance with the recommendations for taking the compound is no less important than the dosage of vitamin E for men. The fact is that tocopherol is a fat-soluble compound, so it simply cannot be absorbed in its pure form without the help of additional substances. When taking capsules, they already contain the necessary fat, but for high-quality injection treatment, you will also need to change your diet by adding oils and fats to it. To enhance the effect of a substance, it is useful to take it with selenium or vitamin A, or with both compounds at once. It is important to remember that inorganic iron destroys tocopherol, so when taking it, you should refrain from using drugs containing ferum.


The ability of the vitamin to accumulate in the body can be fraught with hypervitaminosis, but in practice, men rarely feel unwell after taking it.Of course, such statistics do not give any guarantee that unpleasant sensations will not appear at all, since a certain insignificant part of patients still complains of some overdose symptoms. Among them:

  • increased fatigue;
  • visual impairment;
  • a constant feeling of tiredness, even after a long rest;
  • flatulence;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • severe headaches;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency

In general terms, it is clear how vitamin E is useful for men, but not many people realize the seriousness of the situation and can correctly determine when the necessary compound is not enough in the body. Most of the symptoms begin to appear completely harmless and are often attributed to banal fatigue. The first "alarm bells" for the stronger sex are fatigue, decreased performance, muscle weakness and slight irritability. If you do not respond to these symptoms in a timely manner, loss of vision, destruction of liver cells, skin loses its elasticity, and bone tissues begin to soften. At the same time, sexual dysfunctions appear in the male part of the population, spermatozoa lose their activity, the person becomes irritable, and significant disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system are disturbed.

Why does a man need vitamin E? Of course, in order to avoid all this. By the way, the symptoms of hypovitaminosis in the initial stages may be numbness of the extremities and temporary incoordination. Also, with a lack of tocopherol in the body, premature death of red blood cells begins.

Preventive measures

It is easier to prevent any problem, therefore, in order not to start serious treatment and not to face problems with men's health, it is recommended to initially control the level of necessary compounds in the body and pay attention to the symptoms in a timely manner. Treatment of hypovitaminosis should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist who can correctly determine the dosage required in a particular case.

Regular intake of tocopherol in prophylactic doses is necessary for intense physical exertion in the stronger sex. Vitamin E is also recommended for men when planning pregnancy, since the element provokes blood circulation in the pelvis.

Tocopherol intake for potency

This compound helps to slow down the aging of the cells of the whole organism, in which it is helped by the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Thus, the number of viable spermatozoa increases, and the substance actively helps in stimulating reproductive function. Vitamin E is very often prescribed by specialists in the treatment of infertility in men, since its beneficial properties help restore hormonal levels and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Tocopherol also helps to strengthen the heart muscle, which increases the efficiency and endurance of the whole organism. By slowing down aging, the vitamin also increases sexual activity.

The compound also allows you to accelerate the growth of muscle mass, which is important during intensive training, and the overall strengthening of the vascular system protects a man from strokes and heart attacks.

Products with vitamin content

Based on the foregoing, it is clear why men need vitamin E, but from what foods can it be obtained in sufficient quantities so that they do not have to take medication later? In fact, tocopherol is not often found in food. Its small amount is found in animal products - liver, milk and egg yolks. Vegetable products have a sufficient norm of the substance, but only fresh ones. When frozen, vegetables retain only half of the useful element, and when canned, it generally disappears. In general, any heat treatment negatively affects the amount of the compound in food, which should be taken into account when cooking.

So, you can get useful vitamin E from cucumbers, carrots, radishes, onions, potatoes and leafy greens. In a small concentration, the substance is found in broccoli, spinach, seeds, nuts and butter.

The largest amount of the vitamin is concentrated in vegetable oils, using which a person simultaneously ensures good absorption of the substance. Among them are corn, olive and sunflower oils. Oatmeal, corn and sprouted wheat are also rich in tocopherol.


It is important to know that for optimal male health, it is necessary to consume potassium, zinc, selenium, and magnesium along with vitamin E. Only in the complex vitamins and minerals are able to maintain health at the proper level.

Vitamin E for potency

The lack of vitamin E negatively affects the sexual functions of a man.In addition, the lack of this important vitamin can lead to the development of muscle cramps, anemia and other diseases. To prevent such consequences of vitamin E deficiency, you can take it orally. Usually, doctors recommend taking a solution of vitamin E in oil, it can be 30%, 10% or 5%. Accordingly, 1 ml of the drug contains from 50 to 300 mg of vitamin E. In the event of primary problems with potency, patients are prescribed tocopherol. The drug is taken for one month, then you can take a break, and, if necessary, take a second course of taking the drug for one month. After two weeks of taking vitamin E, you will feel a strong surge of vitality, increase your sexual desire, and you will again have an interest in intimate life. This vitamin has a particularly favorable effect on the well-being and potency of mature men, who are familiar with erection problems firsthand. Vitamin E can be obtained from food. For example, a large amount of this element is found in wheat germ, in vegetable oils: sunflower, soybean, sea buckthorn, cottonseed, linseed and others. We recommend giving preference to rye bread, as it contains 4 times more vitamin E than white bread.

It will also be very useful if you include wheat seedlings in your diet. In addition to vitamin E, they contain a large amount of ascorbic acid and valuable B vitamins.

It is very easy to germinate wheat: take 50 grams of grains (over time, this volume can be increased to 100 grams), rinse in warm water, put on a plate covered with a moistened cotton cloth.

Then the grains need to be covered with a damp cloth, and in a day the first sprouts will hatch. Such gruel should be eaten immediately before breakfast. Regular consumption of wheat germ has a positive effect on well-being, and it will be useful for men to know that vitamin E increases male strength.

The importance of vitamin E for men

Useful substances that are vital for a person for health, energy and good mood, he receives mainly with food. It is very important for the male body that he receives daily B vitamins, vitamins A, C, K, minerals zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium.

Vitamin E for men should be highlighted separately. It is responsible for almost all male functions, but most importantly, it provides invaluable benefits for the conception and birth of a healthy child. Its other name is tocopherol, which in Greek means giving life. So highly the ancient Greeks appreciated its benefits and participation in the processes of childbearing.

The benefits of vitamin E for the male body can not be overestimated. But it should be remembered that the body is not able to produce it on its own. Therefore, he can get a sufficient amount of it only from the outside, with food or taking a synthesized vitamin.

Benefits of vitamin E for men

Vitamin E - what is it good for men :

  • is a powerful antioxidant, cleanses the body, removes harmful toxins and toxins, promotes rejuvenation, stops old age;
  • is an excellent prevention of numerous diseases of the male urogenital area;
  • ensures the normal functions of the organs of the reproductive system, improves the composition and properties of seminal fluid, increases the viability and mobility of sperm;
  • prevents the risk of developing prostate cancer and prostate adenoma, other urinary organs, including the bladder;
  • prevents eye diseases associated with the retina;
  • daily receipt of the required amount of tocopherol contributes to the preservation of childbearing functions, eliminates the risk of becoming infertile;
  • maintains normal hormonal balance, sufficient production of the main male hormone testosterone;
  • promotes the production of your own insulin;
  • has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels, expands their gaps, cleanses of cholesterol plaques, gives them elasticity, strength and flexibility, starts rejuvenation processes;
  • participates in the work of the blood supply organs, increases blood flow, including to the organs of the small pelvis and penis;
  • It plays a special role during pregnancy planning, during the period of conception, as it improves the composition of sperm and all the sexual functions of a man. This increases the chance of conceiving a healthy child quickly. Therefore, it is prescribed as part of the complex treatment of male infertility;
  • The effectiveness of vitamin E for men increases several times if taken in combination with selenium.To enhance the reproductive function in this case, a substance called interleukin begins to be actively produced;
  • under the influence of this substance, the benefits of vitamin E also lie in the beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate gland as a result of the death of existing pathogenic infections, viruses or bacteria, as well as cancer cells;
  • participates in the proper nutrition of all tissues and organs, contributes to better absorption of nutrients;
  • normalizes blood viscosity, helps prevent thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • reduces the level of sugar and glucose in the blood, so it is absolutely necessary in sufficient quantities for diabetes at any stage;
  • normalizes blood pressure, reduces it, and then maintains it at the optimal level for age;
  • relieves muscle and joint pain during heavy physical exertion or intense sports;
  • quickly restores the field of the working day, relieves fatigue and stress;
  • eliminates the negative effects of nicotine on the body in those who smoke a lot;
  • normalizes digestion, reduces the risk of malnutrition, including a large consumption of meat and other fatty foods.

Men often do not realize or simply do not know what vitamin E is good for. And only when faced with numerous problems due to its lack in the body, they begin to understand how vitamin E is useful.

When it is deficient in the body of a man, it is observed:

  • increased fatigue, loss of ability to work and energy, it takes a long time to recover after a hard day;
  • constant feeling of fatigue and malaise, worsening of general condition;
  • more frequent stressful situations and depression;
  • deterioration of the liver, heart and blood vessels;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • hypoxia, expressed by headaches, weakness and dizziness, apathy towards everything around, decreased memory and concentration;
  • anemia, impaired coordination of movements;
  • tingling in the lower and upper limbs, their slight numbness;
  • rarely there is a decrease in vision or neurosis occurs;
  • decrease in sexual functions that occur against the background of insufficient synthesis of the necessary secret.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that in men with diseases or congenital pathologies, the absorption of tocopherol, which enters the body from outside, is impaired. As a result of this, its disadvantage is also revealed.

  • during fasting or strict diets that a man adheres to too often;
  • for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • for diseases of the liver or gallbladder;
  • for disorders associated with the processing and absorption of fats in the body.

How to take vitamin E for men and how much

For the activity and functioning of the whole organism without failures, a man needs about 100 mg of tocopherol daily. The daily requirement is calculated based on its weight. 0.3 mg of vitamin per kilogram of weight is required.

In the treatment of pathologies and a lack of a vitamin in the body, it can be taken in much larger quantities, but not to exceed a dose of 300 mg.

Tocopherol has fat-soluble properties and gradually accumulates in the body. Basically, this is not a concern. Only in some cases, hypervitaminosis may occur, accompanied by nausea, diarrhea or high blood pressure.

The benefits of vitamin E will increase significantly if taken together with vitamin A and selenium.

Foods containing tocopherol

Since tocopherol enters the body mainly with food, every man should know what should be on his table every day.

Foods containing tocopherol:

  • nut kernels - any, including peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios;
  • seeds - especially pumpkin seeds;
  • vegetable oil - sunflower, corn, linseed oil;
  • fish, especially sea fish - salmon, mackerel, zander;
  • seafood in the form of shrimp, mussels, seaweed, crabs, lobsters;
  • a lot of vitamin E in oatmeal, barley and wheat porridge;
  • sorrel and spinach;
  • rose hips, dried apricots and viburnum;
  • sea buckthorn berries;
  • soybean oil;
  • pickled olives

It is not necessary to eat all this at once and every day. It will be quite enough if you eat any one of the products. It can be a handful of nuts or seeds, sea buckthorn berries or sorrel soup.

However, it should be borne in mind that as a result of heat treatment, the benefits of vitamin E are reduced.

But in 100 g of almonds, for example, they contain almost twice as much as the daily requirement of a man.

Medical preparations with vitamin E

Medicine, like the pharmaceutical industry, does not stand still

Such preparations, according to the reviews of those who have already tried them, practically do not differ in their properties. A significant difference is only in the price and the name of the drug.

One capsule or tablet provides the daily requirement of vitamin E for a man's body. But one should be very careful, since there were cases in practice when such a dosage exceeded the normal one by a thousand times. Dietary supplements are a particular danger.

Therefore, before buying and even more so using such drugs, you should consult your doctor. And before use, carefully read the instructions for use, dosage, contraindications and methods of administration.

Today you can find a lot of reviews from those representatives of the stronger sex who tried to make up for the deficiency of tocopherol in the body or maintain its constant supply. All of them feel great, live a full sex life, have children and have excellent health.