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Psychological form of impotence, causes, diagnosis and treatment

Impotence of psychological origin is a very common problem today. Men are increasingly asking questions. What is psychogenic erectile dysfunction? And most importantly, how to get rid of psychological impotence?

What is the psychological form of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, both organic and psychogenic, implies a lack of erection. But in this situation, the anomaly is caused by mental disorders. The presence of this pathology is evidenced by the impossibility of sexual intercourse for a long period. A single case of lack of erection is considered normal. Psychological impotence manifests itself spontaneously under certain conditions, while reflex arousal remains.

Male powerlessness in this situation is a temporary phenomenon associated with the peculiarities of the male psyche. This problem can affect both a man in adulthood and a young guy. Psychogenic impotence is caused by a central mechanism for suppressing erection. To cure this ailment, it is necessary to establish the cause of its occurrence and eradicate it.

Causes of the disease

Psychological impotence occurs under the influence of the following factors:


Psychological impotence has the following symptoms:

If you find these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment.


To make a diagnosis - organic or psychological Erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to exclude the presence of physiological disorders. For this purpose, a number of laboratory and instrumental studies are being carried out. The examination is aimed at studying the state of the vascular system, studying the endocrinological system, assessing the neurological state of the body.

Laboratory and hardware research includes:

Treatment of psychoimpotence

For the treatment of psychoimpotence, a man must accept the fact that he has a disorder. Treatment of an ailment depends on the cause of its occurrence. Sometimes self-examination and a few days of emotional rest are enough to eliminate the disease. If the dysfunction is permanent, the help of a psychotherapist, sexologist and, in individual cases, a neurologist is needed.

A woman's behavior plays an important role in the treatment of this disorder. A woman should also know what psychological impotence is and how to help a man in this situation. The recovery of the partner depends on this. A man needs the patience and understanding of his companion. Also, the recovery is facilitated by the sexually attractive appearance of the companion. In other cases, psychological impotence is treated comprehensively. For this, along with drug therapy, psychotherapy sessions are used.


Treatment of psychological impotence includes psychotherapy sessions. If the disease is associated with unsuccessful sexual intercourse, the patient needs to remember the cause of the fear. And also analyze your behavior and thoughts during sexual intercourse after the incident. This will help the therapist understand the reason for this behavior.

If the patient suffered psychological trauma in childhood, the specialist recommends mentally returning to childhood and remembering what triggered the problem.

In addition, the doctor finds out information:

This information allows the specialist to understand how to treat this deviation most effectively.

Since the basis of psychotherapeutic treatment is overcoming male fears, it is recommended to conduct sessions together with a partner. The participation of a woman will speed up the healing process and avoid the consequences in the form of neurosis and depression.


Drug therapy is used after elimination of the main pathogenic factor.

Medical treatment consists in the use of:

The medical course of treatment includes carrying out therapeutic procedures:

The procedure has contraindications:

General guidelines

All patients diagnosed with psychological erectile dysfunction, regardless of the provocative factor, are assigned:

  • Emotional peace.
  • A healthy lifestyle, with the complete elimination of bad habits.
  • Healthy eating.
  • Regular sex life.

Compliance with the above recommendations helps to fight this pathology.