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Rush Zero

Rush Zero

Rush Zero in the online store

Poppers Rush zero

One of the most worthy representatives of the line, Rush zero will appeal to both uninformed beginners looking for extraordinary sensations and experienced and demanding connoisseurs who need super-powerful power.

Poppers Features

The product is completely safe when used correctly. The aromatic stimulant comprehensively relaxes the pelvic floor muscles, allowing partners to fully prepare for intimacy. Thanks to its powerful action, this poppers are perfect for traumatic sex as well.

The product provides powerful sexual arousal, gives endless reserves of strength and allows you to completely liberate yourself, embodying the most secret fantasies without hesitation, shame and complexes. A great solution for partners who are ready for something more and do not want to put up with the daily routine.

Ways to use poppers

You can enjoy the delicate, energizing scent by removing the cap from the bottle and leaving it nearby.

You can also pour the substance into a flat saucer to make the poppers' vapor softer and last longer.

The most economical way to use poppers is a special mask that saves the product and provides the most powerful effect.

Important to know!

Since aromatic aphrodisiacs are highly flammable, they should never be heated or used near sources of fire.

It is strictly forbidden to combine poppers with drugs, alcoholic beverages, stimulants and drugs to maintain potency.

Poppers are contraindicated for people with diseases of the ophthalmological and cardiovascular nature, anemia, and they should not be used by pregnant and lactating women and minors.

Poppers are very toxic, so they should not be applied to mucous membranes, skin, brought close to the respiratory tract, taken orally.