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Viagra (sildenafil) medicine or dietary supplement

Viagra Sildenafil Medicine Or Dietary Supplement

Recently, more and more articles about dietary supplements or Dietary supplements have appeared in the press. Among them, there are both negative and positive reviews, recommendations and reviews. Against this background, the patients formed a generally correct opinion. They believe that serious illnesses can only be treated with drugs. And dietary supplements are suitable only for the prevention and improvement of overall health. Therefore, it is quite logical to question whether Viagra is a drug or not.

In our online store you can buy a variety of drugs, including supplements. But still, I would like to give a definitive answer to the question of which category of drugs the famous Viagra belongs to.

And it sounds uniquely in Sildenafil and all drugs containing it are considered full-fledged drugs. In all countries of the world Viagra is considered a medicine, not a dietary supplement. But the classification is the same everywhere in Viagra refers to medicines, not additives. She was even assigned an international code in the ATX G04B E03.

How to treat Viagra analogues

As you know, the patent for Sildenafil expired long ago. Therefore, Viagra analogues can be produced by all pharmaceutical companies in the world. The only thing is, they are not allowed to use the marketing name "Viagra" for their products.

All drugs in which the main active ingredient is Sildenafil, and whose action solves the same problems as Viagra, are called "Viagra analogues" or "generics". And all of them are also considered drugs, medicines, and not dietary supplements.

Viagra is a medicine or dietary supplement

To explain the approach to this issue, you need to define the terms. What can be attributed to one category, and what to another. How to classify drugs and why so. This will help you get the gist more quickly.

What is a drug

Modern medicine is an exact science. In each state (and at the supranational level, in the World Health Organization), treatment protocols are developed that every practitioner must follow. This is done to protect patients from unreasonable experiments and medical errors.

For each disease, a list of drugs and techniques that can be used is compiled. The doctor can choose only within the limits established by this list. Otherwise, his actions will be considered illegal. At the level of institutes and academies, under the leadership of the ministries of health, it is established that only these drugs can treat this disease. These drugs are considered drugs. Everything else is not a cure.

Of course, in some situations, other substances can also be used for treatment. For example, experimental drugs. But in this case, the patient should know that the doctor is conducting experimental treatment and give his consent.

Viagra is an established drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Both Viagra itself and its main active ingredient, Sildenafil, are approved by regulatory authorities around the world for the treatment of problems associated with erectile dysfunction. And it happened not yesterday or today, but many years ago.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether sildenafil is a medicine or dietary supplement is always unambiguous. This is the medicine. A complete medicine that can cure many diseases (or alleviate their symptoms), leading to loss of erection.

What is a Dietary Supplement

This category includes all drugs whose therapeutic effect has not been confirmed. But they, nevertheless, have a positive effect on the body. Way and a small amount. For example, dietary supplements include multivitamin complexes. By themselves, vitamins are not able to cure the disease. But their regular intake has a positive effect on the general condition of the body.

Dietary supplements include not only drugs that resemble drugs in form of release and appearance, but also any food products that can affect overall well-being and health. For example, there are many bee honey-based dietary supplements available on the market today. In appearance, taste, color and smell, they practically do not differ from honey.

Of course, you can take some kind of dietary supplement for potency. But only in cases where you have only minor problems with erection. After all, such a drug, if it somehow affects an erection, is very, very weak. Within the limits of statistical error, scientists say. No dietary supplement is able to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. There are special medications for this, such as Viagra.

Why dietary supplements for potency do not help

Development of new drugs is an expensive, lengthy and laborious process.Only large pharmaceutical companies with huge financial, scientific and laboratory resources can achieve results. Of course, sometimes a new medicine is invented by little-known specialists. But large pharmaceutical companies immediately buy a patent from them.

If the dietary supplement really helped, it would be no less popular than Viagra, Cialis or other proprietary drug. Scientists could clearly explain the mechanism of action of this supplement. And competing companies would have started producing analogs a long time ago.

Sildenafil is a medicine or stimulant

Another question that is no less common than the statement that Viagra is a dietary supplement. The answer is also simple. Neither Sildenafil itself nor any medications based on it are stimulants.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that taking Viagra by itself does not cause an erection. Even if you exceed the dosage, potency will not be without arousal, without sexual stimulation. Simply put, if you accidentally drink the blue pill, nothing will happen to you. It will only take effect if you yourself want to have sex. If there is a partner nearby who, by their appearance, actions, body odor, or in some other way stimulates you sexually.

If you do not like a girl, then no matter how much Viagra he pours into your food, it will not cause you sexual desire. But it can lead to side effects.

You should also not think that taking Sildenafil in any form will increase your libido. No, the drug does not cause a desire to increase the frequency of intercourse. Viagra gives you the opportunity to satisfy sexual desire, and not the desire itself, as such.

This misconception is most often encountered by homosexual couples. Often in their relationship there is a problem in one partner wants to have sex more often than the other. They start looking for a solution to this problem in medicines. And they make a dangerous mistake in taking Viagra when things are normal with potency.

Obviously, this does not lead to anything good. Yes, an erection can last longer. Yes, the partner who takes the pill will physically be able to have more intercourse. But the desire itself will not appear. His libido will not increase, no matter how many blue-coated pills he takes. And if you combine Viagra with other substances, for example, with poppers, the consequences can be very dire.