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The member does not stand in a condom and falls all the time: what to do?

The Member Does Not Stand In A Condom And Falls All The Time What To Do

The problem of impotence manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes there are situations when an erection disappears at the time of putting on a condom. This is one of the rare forms of pathology, but you need to know how to deal with it and what to do if the penis is not in a condom and falls all the time.

The lack of adequate blood supply to the penis while putting on a latex contraceptive can be a very unpleasant surprise for any man. That is why it is important to find the reason for this situation in time. If this cannot be done, it is necessary to use appropriate medications to correct the condition or use other methods of contraception.

Fortunately, at the moment there are a fairly large number of drugs that can cope with such a problem. Although one should not forget about natural methods in such a delicate situation.

Why isn't a member in a condom and what can be done?

One of the most common reasons that after putting on a condom a member is not standing is a psychological factor. The fact is that quite a few men prefer only completely "natural" intimate relationships.

This means that they do not want to use any assistive devices. This also applies to condoms. As a result, when the girl asks to use a contraceptive, the desire disappears, and the penis falls steadily.

To overcome this problem, you can play a little with the process of putting on a condom and turn it into a part of foreplay. Many guys are crazy about how a girl puts on an elastic band on her own, especially if it is done with her mouth. This variety may be the best way out of this situation.

If the problem is hidden in the traditional causes of impotence, and the member does not want to stand in a condom due to hypovitaminosis, overwork, stressful situations or other factors, then first you need to eliminate the underlying pathology.

The best natural methods that have a positive effect on the state of erection and potency are:

  • Rational nutrition. You don't need to stick to special diets. The main thing is the completeness of the diet with a sufficient amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, you can additionally consume foods that are classified as natural aphrodisiacs (rennet, seafood, nuts, honey, etc.).
  • Dosed physical exercise. The emphasis should be placed on loads that lead to increased blood circulation in the pelvic organs and improve microcirculation in the penis.
  • Correction of work / rest mode. Adequate sex largely depends on the general condition of the man. If he is chronically tired, then the chances of success in bed will plummet.

So, if a member does not stand in a condom or without it, then you need to assess the situation and identify the cause of the problem. Only after solving it, one can hope for a good result.

Pills that will help a man if his penis falls

One of the most popular methods of dealing with the problem when a member falls in a condom is the use of a variety of tablets, capsules and pills.

The modern market offers its consumer a variety of effective means that have a pronounced stimulating property and will be appropriate in almost any situation.

Among the most popular drugs, the following are worth noting:

As you can see, there are many drugs for enhancing an erection regardless of wearing a condom. However, do not forget about good dietary supplements (dietary supplements), which can help get rid of the problem almost as quickly and effectively, but more "natural".

Popular dietary supplements

The essence of dietary supplements is a mild, natural effect on a man's body with a pronounced stimulating effect. The modern market is literally filled with a variety of products that provide increased potency. Contraceptive use in this case does not play any role.

At the moment, quite effective and promoted means from the field of food additives remain:

  • Drops for potency BIG ZILLA. The natural composition of the dietary supplement provides a mild effect on the entire body of a man. There is a pronounced stimulation of his sexual activity due to the expansion of blood vessels in the penis and an increase in testosterone production. The agent is produced in the form of drops for internal administration. You need to consume 10-15 before the intended intercourse and the same amount every day at night. With this scheme, no condom can interfere with intense and unforgettable sex.
  • The power of Maral. A domestic drug based on pantogematogen - a special substance that is considered one of the most powerful stimulators of endogenous testosterone synthesis. Available in capsule form for internal use.Must use 1 before sex.

In addition to the above, there is a fairly large list of effective dietary supplements for potency. If the penis falls after putting on a condom, then it is better to just help him using natural means, otherwise psychological impotence may develop against the background of all this.

VIDEO: erection disappears before intercourse

The following video tells about what a man should do if his erection suddenly disappears before sex: