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List of drugs for prostatitis to increase libido

List Of Drugs For Prostatitis To Increase Libido

7 ways to increase libido in men

Libido is a collective concept that denotes sexual activity, sexual desire (its fundamental presence). In other words - the sexual instinct, formed during life. An increased libido often pushes men into promiscuous relationships, and a reduced libido causes complexes, discord in relationships, and nervous breakdowns. Loss of sexual desire may be a signal of a developing pathology. Pharmacology and traditional medicine offer men an extensive arsenal of means to increase libido. But, no matter how great the temptation to self-medicate, it is advisable to first undergo a diagnosis by a urologist-endocrinologist.

Reasons for decreased sex drive

Sex drive depends on the amount of free testosterone. It is this hormone that forms the libido. A decrease in its level leads to an increase in the female hormone estrogen, which blocks testosterone receptors.

A natural decrease in libido is typical for men 50-60 years old - this is the period of andropause. For some, this time comes after 40. As the physical condition worsens, the body begins a program to turn off sexual function: testosterone production decreases, an increasing amount of this hormone is converted into estrogen, and the transmission of sexual impulses slows down (read how to increase testosterone). This state of a man is not a sentence. Often, libido can be restored with complex therapy, including the treatment of diseases that provoked the problem.

A decrease in libido can also occur in young men at the age of 18-20. The following reasons can cause a violation:

  • Pathologies that negatively affect the hormonal background: diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, androgen deficiency;
  • Injuries to the reproductive centers of the brain and spinal cord;
  • Long-term drug therapy: testosterone-lowering antidepressants, antipsychotics, hormones, antihypertensives;
  • Chronic stress, neurosis;
  • Alcohol, drugs;
  • Low physical activity.

Prostatitis is often the cause of a decrease in libido. Feeling of heaviness in the perineum, problems with urination and pain do not contribute to the development of sexual fantasies. More serious pathologies are also possible, including those that are asymptomatic.

Methods to increase sexual desire

It should be noted that reduced libido and erectile dysfunction ("I want to, but I can't") are problems of different nature. Many men, in response to their partner's claims about prolonged sexual inattention, buy Viagra or its analogues at the pharmacy. However, PDE-5 inhibitors, which include the drug, do not stimulate sexual desire, but only provide its physical manifestation - a firm erection. Without sexual arousal, there will be no effect, and the occurrence of side effects is quite possible.

Quick-acting topical agents (creams, lubricant gels) and intimate lubricants help with erectile dysfunction immediately before sex, but they do not significantly affect the desire of a man to have sex.

There are no instant libido boosters. You can normalize the sexual instinct with hormonal, psycho and physiotherapy, as well as with the help of alternative medicine methods.

Hormone replacement therapy

Restoration of sexual desire during the period of andropause or with androgen deficiency is possible with the help of hormone replacement therapy. Many men after 40 years of age, in addition to a decrease in libido, are prone to depression, obesity, and a deterioration in general well-being. In most cases, the cause is hormonal imbalance.

With a lack of luteinizing hormone, chorionic gonadotropin is prescribed, which stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone. The result in the form of an increase in the amount of the hormone and an increase in libido should appear in a month. It is important to control the level of estradiol (there should not be a pronounced increase).

The lack of effect from chorionic gonadotropin indicates testicular dysfunction in terms of hormone synthesis. In such cases, it is recommended to use a testosterone patch ("Testoderm", "Androderm") or gel ("Androgel", "Testim"). The products are used in the groin area, where there is a particularly high concentration of testosterone receptors. The hormone, given by injection or pill, is often converted to estrogen, further suppressing sexual desire.

Androgel is an androgenic agent containing testosterone

For a man after 50 years, a normal testosterone level is not only a return of libido, but also a decrease in the risk of prostate cancer, heart and vascular diseases, obesity and depression. However, with long-term hormonal therapy, it will be necessary to periodically monitor the level of estrogen, lipid profile and general clinical blood counts.

Introduced from the outside, testosterone does not provoke prostate cancer, but stimulates the development of an existing tumor. Therefore, before starting treatment, a PSA test is mandatory. In the first 6 months of testosterone therapy, this indicator is monitored monthly.

Folk recipes

Traditional medicine has a wide range of means to increase libido. The most accessible and safe is herbal medicine.

The fragrant rue, dubrovnik, Far Eastern magnolia vine, and colza also help to increase libido. Ginseng is considered an effective aphrodisiac. Alcohol tinctures of herbs are more expedient to purchase at a pharmacy, since they are inexpensive and produced in compliance with the technology.

Infusion based on alcohol and ginseng root

An effective folk remedy for increasing libido is bee products, the active substances of which have a stimulating effect on the endocrine system. Recipes:

  • Drone homogenate and perga (granular pollen) take a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and throughout the day 30 minutes before meals;
  • Propolis insist on vodka: 20 g of raw materials (crushed) per 100 ml, stand for a week. For 2 weeks before meals, take 20 drops diluted in a glass of water;
  • Bee subpestilence is also used in the form of tincture: part of the raw material to 3 parts of vodka, leave for 3 weeks. Drink after eating a teaspoon.

According to the reviews of some men, tincture on a beaver stream (castoreum), as well as badger fat, is effective in increasing libido.

Changing your diet

Increasing libido in men is impossible without a balanced menu, which minimizes the amount of fatty foods, fast food, pastries, alcohol and sugary drinks. Fatty food reduces testosterone levels both immediately after its intake and in the long term. Beer promotes weight gain and increases estrogen. Even coffee in large quantities can suppress testosterone. As for alcohol, with a reduced libido, it is better to refuse it. Excess load on the liver becomes an obstacle to the processing of estrogens.

To stimulate sexual desire, men are recommended a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, protein (lean meats, legumes and nuts), cereals, seafood. Libido-boosting foods also include celery and parsley. Of the drinks, ginger tea with the addition of honey or cinnamon is useful. The alkaloids in ginger stimulate metabolism and blood circulation, preventing the deposition of fat (read more about the benefits of ginger for men and how to use it).

Vitamins and dietary supplements

To maintain libido, a man needs vitamins A, E, C, group B, as well as lycopene, selenium, magnesium, and amino acids. Zinc plays a particularly important role in the synthesis of testosterone. This element blocks aromatase, an enzyme produced by fat cells that converts testosterone to estrogen (which is why overweight men have low testosterone). Zinc is found in large quantities in pumpkin seeds. On their basis, oil and rectal suppositories ("Tykvavit") are produced. With a weakening of sexual desire, the oil is taken three times a day, 2 tablespoons (2 months). Oil microclysters and suppositories are effective for prostatitis.

To improve libido, complex pharmaceutical preparations for men will help, in which vitamins, minerals and amino acids are collected in the optimal combination. For example:

A variety of dietary supplements are offered in pharmacies, including those promising to increase sexual desire in a short period. However, speed is more inherent in chemicals for excitation and stimulation of erection.

Plant-based libido enhancers:

  • "Tongkat ali premium";
  • "Libidox";
  • "Viardot forte";
  • "Alfit Libidobooster".

To increase sexual desire, you need to take supplements in courses.

Physical activity

Regular exercise helps to normalize testosterone levels and increase libido. The most effective are those during which large muscles are worked out, the so-called basic exercises:

Physical activity has a positive effect on the emotional state, energizes, relieves muscle stiffness.

Natural anabolic complexes, including the following components, will help to improve the shape and increase libido for men:

Steroid drugs should not be used. They are more effective than natural ones, but upon completion of the intake, the level of one's own testosterone will be reduced, as well as libido, and part of the muscle mass will also be lost.

A few tips for men on how to increase the libido lost after a course of steroids:

You may also need drugs to lower blood pressure and suppress cortisol. Before starting the restoration of sexual desire, it is necessary to donate blood for hormones.

How a woman can help

If a man has a permanent partner, then it is desirable to involve her in solving the problem of reduced libido.Paired counseling with specialists will be much more effective. Together you can discuss and develop methods of sexual and drug therapy.

If the reason for the missing sexual desire lies in the physical condition of the man (obesity, pathologies), then the woman can try to convince him to undergo an examination, adjust his diet, and encourage him to regular physical activity. Men, especially young ones, are not inclined to search and use folk recipes on their own, which are sometimes really effective in increasing libido. Women are better versed in this matter.

The main condition for success is the readiness of the man himself, because until he himself makes a strong-willed decision to restore his sexual instincts, no one can help him.

Psycho and physiotherapy

In men under 40, the main cause of a fading libido is usually not reduced testosterone, but an increased level of stress, psychological problems. You can solve them with the help of a sex therapist or a psychotherapist.

With a weak sexual desire caused by neurosis and overwork, physiotherapy methods are effective:

  • Chromotherapy (visual color stimulation method);
  • Vibration massage;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Bath (dry air).

At home, you can practice contrast showers, yoga or qigong. Breathing exercises and water procedures effectively restore the psyche after stress, while maintaining libido.


Weak sex drive for some adult men is not a problem at all. This happens when other interests prevail, and in the family the priority has shifted to the side of friendship rather than passionate relationships. This is quite normal, but it is important to make sure that this condition is not associated with a pathological decrease in testosterone and diseases. If an inactive libido becomes a hindrance to the psyche and family life, then action must be taken.

Medicines to improve libido in men

Drugs to increase libido should be used with extreme caution, since most of them globally affect the hormonal system of a man. Drug therapy is relevant in the case when a man partially or completely lacks sexual desire. There are many reasons for this condition. The "culprit" of reduced libido can be both a physiological disease and a psychological imbalance.

In order to choose the right drugs that increase libido for men, it is necessary to consult a specialist - a urologist or a sexologist. What are the means to increase libido, in which cases it is more relevant to use certain drugs, the most effective medicines and dietary supplements will be described in the presented article.

Reasons for a decrease in male libido

Sexual disorders in modern men often occur. This state can be affected by both external and internal factors.

  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Dissatisfaction with your sexual partner (lack of passion and romance in a relationship);
  • Stress, problems on the personal "front" or work;
  • Depression.

Internal factors include conditions that directly affect the body:

  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Diseases of the urogenital area;
  • Hormonal changes (testosterone decline);
  • CNS disorders;
  • Endocrine pathologies.

It is worth mentioning bad habits such as smoking and alcohol. Wrong lifestyle exacerbates male potential. Cigarettes have a detrimental effect on the circulatory system, which leads to poor blood supply to the penis. With vasoconstriction, blood enters the pelvic area in insufficient quantities.

Alcohol has the opposite effect on the cardiovascular system. Vessels, on the contrary, expand, but alcohol negatively affects the work of the central nervous system. This aspect leads to the fact that a man often has "misfires" in the bedroom.

Low libido is not only found in older men. Sexologists note that the root cause of this condition is low testosterone production. It is this sex hormone that is responsible for male strength, potency and attractiveness. It is worth noting that after 30 years, testosterone levels begin to decline. Therefore, in order to prescribe adequate means to increase libido, first of all, it is worth finding out the level of sex hormone in the body. To do this, you need to donate blood for the content of germ cells.

Medications to increase potency in men

For the treatment of potency, you must first consult with a specialist. After a health diagnosis, it becomes clear to both the patient and the doctor what causes led to the decline in libido. And in some cases, drug therapy is not prescribed.Factors such as chronic fatigue, family troubles, stress are not treated with medication.

However, the patient himself can affect his own health:

  • Regulate the routine of the day. You need to sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • Establish nutrition. Eat foods containing zinc and magnesium;
  • Give up bad habits, and exclude alcohol at least during the period of recovery of the body;
  • Build relationships with your partner. Often couples visit a psychologist or sexologist.

But if the cause of low libido is a decline in testosterone, it is worth taking medication to increase male potential. How to increase libido in the stronger sex? We will describe the best means to increase potency.

This remedy is available in tablet form and is intended for men with low libido. The main advantage of the drug is the natural composition. Herbal product gently affects the body, increases sexual desire, improves blood circulation. Moreover, Tribestan contributes to the normalization of the central nervous system, and is actively involved in the synthesis of testosterone.

In general, the phytopreparation has no contraindications. Side effects are also not observed, however, there is a possibility of allergic reactions to the components of the product.

Andriol TK

This drug belongs to the group of androgens. It is attributed to a severe decline in testosterone. Such replacement therapy should be prescribed only by the attending physician. Andriol TK restores the level of germ cells, normalizes hormonal levels, thereby increasing male potency.

The drug is not used if the patient has a history of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or pancreatic cancer.


This drug is also hormonal. It has androgenic activity, affects the level of germ cells, enhances the synthesis of testosterone. Often, methyltestosterone is prescribed for andropause. However, the spectrum of its action is in no way inferior to Andriol TK. The only contraindication is pancreatic cancer. Side effects may include nausea, drowsiness, and an allergic reaction.

The above drugs directly affect the hormonal background of a man. There are a number of drugs to quickly increase libido in men:

  • Viagra. This medicine is known to almost everyone. The drug is based on the component sildenafil, which is a potency stimulant. It dilates the blood vessels, due to which the sexual organ is abundantly filled with blood, which makes it hard for a long time. Viagra also affects a man's sexual desire;
  • Levitra. The presented medication is often used for erectile dysfunction and reduced libido. The principle of action of the drug is stimulation of the penis, increasing sexual desire;
  • Impaza. This remedy is ideal for those whose libido has decreased due to external factors (stress, fatigue). Impaza qualitatively affects sexual function, and enhances sexual desire. However, this drug should be taken systematically for 3-4 months.

To increase sexual desire, you can use not only pharmacy products. There are many dietary supplements that are effective stimulants of male potency.

Effective dietary supplements and vitamins for potency

Natural supplements will not bring quick results, but their long-term use fundamentally affects male sexual function.

Herbal Wanders

The presented dietary supplement, according to the principle of action, is identified with Viagra, since the additive has a beneficial effect on erectile function, namely:

  • Sex drive increases;
  • Increases erection;
  • Prolongs sexual intercourse and improves its quality;
  • The tone of the body increases.

Herbal Wanders contains only natural ingredients. However, it is worth noting that it is not a medical remedy and the principle of its action is not fully understood.

An excellent tool for libido and potency. The composition of dietary supplements is based on aphrodisiacs, which have a beneficial effect on sexual desire. Wuk-wuk intake increases potency, relieves fatigue, restores libido and exacerbates sexual arousal.

This dietary supplement is used if the cause of low libido lies in psychological disorders, age-related changes. Vimax normalizes the work of the central nervous system, improves hematopoiesis, improves hormonal levels and enhances erection. Reviews about the drug are more than positive, since dietary supplements qualitatively affect not only libido, but also potency, increasing arousal and physiological feelings (orgasm).

Do not forget about vitamin complexes. To increase sexual desire in the body of a man, zinc must be present in sufficient quantities.

Vitamins for libido can be purchased at the pharmacy network, or you can use products that contain a large number of "male" trace elements:

  • Meat, fish;
  • Nuts;
  • Honey;
  • Greens (particularly parsley, dill, spinach).

The following products are also popular among men:

  • Dimian Complex;
  • Libedor;
  • Boss Royal Viagra

Folk remedies for libido and potency

With the help of natural remedies, you can not only increase sexual potential, but also improve your health. Sexologists say that it is almost impossible to achieve high-quality potency without an active lifestyle. The natural way to raise testosterone levels is through strength training. During training, the body begins to produce a large number of germ cells to give the body endurance and strength.

There is also a specific gymnastics for libido. Kegel exercises help to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area. By the way, the cause of poor erection is often congestion in this area. Proper nutrition is also the key to good potency. In your diet you need to include:

  • protein (especially red meats);
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • greens;

It is worth giving up fried and fatty foods. Overeating and indigestible food negatively affects sexual arousal.

When choosing a remedy to increase potency, it is imperative to discuss this with your doctor in order to avoid side effects and aggravate health.

What groups of medicinal substances are used

Only drugs to increase potency and increase libido are often not enough. Comprehensive treatment is needed, sometimes with a psychologist's consultation, in order to improve the effect of the pills taken by the patient. However, when using certain groups of drugs in the presence of an object of sexual desire, a persistent erection occurs. Below are the most common categories of drugs that are successfully prescribed to increase potency.

  • Plant stimulants.
  • Medications that increase the formation of nitric oxide in the blood.
  • Alpha-blockers.
  • Testosterone preparations.

How to use herbal stimulants

The main purpose of these drugs is to stimulate the activity of all body systems. Due to their ability to increase the tone of the nervous system and sharpen the senses, these drugs can be successfully used for lack of sexual desire. The drugs do not have a specific effect on the reproductive system, but there is no need to use the medicine before intimacy. Women do not get the feeling that the partner is dependent on pills. Below are the most typical representatives of this group of drugs.

Herbal preparations stimulate the activity of all body systems.

  • Ginseng extract. A classic nervous system stimulant that can enhance not only attraction, but also orgastic sensations. It is used in drops and homeopathic tablets. You can drink for a long time. The average dose is 20 drops per dose. Multiplicity - up to 4 times per day.
  • Aralia tincture. A strong general tonic. Appointed to improve well-being. The drug is effective for lack of sexual desire. Strengthens the immune system, fights infections in the reproductive system. The standard dose of the product is 25 drops up to 3 times a day.
  • Yohimbine hydrochloride. The drug is a mixture of two plants - yohimbe and rauwolfia. The pills increase desire and sex drive, but do not reduce anxiety. With an unsuccessful sexual experience, they can have a negative effect. Dosage - 2 tablets per day. The duration of the course is several weeks. There will be no effect on a man from taking one pill.

There are many different dietary supplements, which have a vegetable basis in their composition. They have high-profile names, such as Wuka-Vuka, Viardot, Super Yohimbe, but the result of the application is often only psychological. An increase in libido and potency is likely only due to the internal capabilities of the man himself. In the presence of organic pathology, as well as in old age, these pills will not have an effect, moreover, they are not medicines.

How other substances work

The most effective group of drugs that can increase the sexual activity of men are drugs that increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood. Even age is not a hindrance to getting sexual joy. But there is an important condition - there must be an object of attraction. In the absence of a partner or fetish, the potency-enhancing effect will be minimal. Below are the most famous drugs of this group.

The drug should be taken half an hour before intimacy.

  • Sildenafil. The drug is known by the loud trade name - Viagra. The tablet is taken half an hour before the intended intimacy. The medicine can increase potency, attraction, and also increase the frequency of sexual intercourse. Dosage from 50 to 150 mg depending on the degree of sexual dysfunction. In sensitive men, the drug can dramatically reduce blood pressure, which will seriously complicate the possibility of intimacy.
  • Vardenafil. The drug in tablets of a new generation of drugs that increase the concentration of nitric oxide. It is used in the same way as Sildenafil. Dosage from 5 to 20 mg, the remedy has a relatively stronger effect. With an overdose, there is the possibility of a reversible decrease in vision, but this side effect does not affect the desire for sex and libido.
  • Impaza. This is not a medicine, but a dietary supplement containing antibodies to an enzyme that enhances the activity of nitric oxide. It can be used for a long-term prophylactic course in the form of a daily intake of one tablet, or under the tongue 2 pieces immediately before sex. The effect of the drug has not been proven, but it is very popular among men due to its positive effect on libido.

In addition to agents that increase the concentration of nitric oxide, alpha-blockers can be used. These drugs are in tablets, which serve not only to increase libido in men, but also to treat prostate pathology. The main disadvantage is drugs that greatly reduce blood pressure. With an initially low level during the initial intake, these drugs can reduce it to collapse. However, hypertensive patients, as well as those suffering from prostate adenoma, will receive several positive effects of the drug at once, in addition to increasing potency. Examples are Doxazosin, Terazosin, Phentolamine tablets.

Drugs are used both to increase libido and to treat prostate pathologies.

Testosterone preparations that increase libido in men are effective only with a lack of its production in the body. This occurs in hypogonadism or some neoplastic diseases. One of the disadvantages of this drug is poor intestinal absorption. Injections are needed to get the effect. As a means to increase potency, testosterone is rarely prescribed in practice, as there are more effective and safe drugs. One of these drugs is Libido Drive, the effectiveness of which has been clinically proven, you can learn more about the product online (for example, at this link).

To reduce the side effects of the drug, it should be used under the supervision of a specialist.


Thus, to improve erectile function, as well as enhance attraction, there are various means aimed at different parts of the male problem. Their use helps to overcome psychological barriers and establish a quality intimate life. All medicines, even tablets, can cause unwanted reactions, so you should consult a specialist before use. To avoid negative effects, it is recommended to take a safer and no less effective remedy, such as Libido Drive, which can be purchased at specialized online pharmacies (for example, at this link).